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Imoko? by Andrea

If you can see what I see
you will perceive colors beyond the rainbow
and smiles in the toughest eyes,
you will see a beautiful sea-view in front of you and fall down in surrender,
knees down and salty tears, completely, in gratefulness.

If you feel what I feel 
tears will roll down your face when you stop to notice the bloodstream under your skin,
feeling all human races running in it,
pumping up your heart
and feel blessed, so complete.

If you can feel what I feel
you will have the whole world in you and want to live it with no walls, no wars, no conflict areas.
you will feel you’re all of them and smoothly be mesmerized with the richness in you because of that,
profoundly thankful for your ability to live it, openly.

If you feel what I feel
you will want to create a life with no borders because you already feel the freedom inside.
you will want
to be single while you are multiple,
you will want
to be you while you’re all.